Between 1987 and 1998, Wellington Farms chickens were hatched, fed and raised on farms located in Central Pennsylvania’s Amish country by Kreamer Feed Company, now in its 65th year. KFC provided Wellington Farms with top quality free range, antibiotic-free (ABF), all vegetable feed ingredient diet live broiler and roasting chickens. Wellington Farms processed and distributed the chickens at its Mechanicsburg, PA., federally inspected processing plant.

Beginning in 1998 and continuing through today, Wellington Farms free range, Certified Humanely Raised and Handled, ABF (antibiotic-free) chickens have been raised and slaughtered by Giannone Poultry at its state-of-the-art air chilled processing plant located in St. Cuthbert, Qc, Canada. The processed chickens are then sent from St. Cuthbert, Qc. to Wellington Farms’ USDA inspected, Providence, RI processing plant via overnight refrigerated trucks where the whole chickens are then cut into parts, de-boned, portioned, packaged and distributed throughout the eastern half of the US.

We believe that Wellington Farms chickens are the best ones out there and for a good reason. We’ve regularly done comparisons with chickens produced by our competitors but have found none to be any better than ours. Our conclusion comes as the result of many incremental ingredients which go into the making of a Wellington Farms chicken. Included are the specific breed genetics of our chicken breeder flocks – we use a roaster breed rather than a broiler breed; the high quality corn and soybeans used to formulate our feeds; the absence of any animal or bakery by-products used in feed formulations, and experienced, knowledgeable chicken farmers with high quality, well managed grow out facilities. Just as all automobiles are not alike, all chickens are not alike; some are better than others.

Recent concerns involving Avian Influenza and a possible mutation of the AI virus which could impact humans has mandated some changes in how our chickens are raised. Wellington Farms chickens are no longer given access to the outdoors where they could come into contact with wild birds most likely to carry the highly contagious, deadly (only to other birds) virus. Instead, our free roaming chickens are now raised entirely indoors in spacious barns with screened open sides which provide plenty of natural daylight to our flocks. We don’t crowd our chickens in the barns and provide lots of space for each chicken to freely roam, feed and drink.

Many competitors make the same label claims as ours, but consumers don’t serve and eat label claims. There is a difference in chickens and reasons for those differences. We invite you to compare Wellington Farms chickens with any others and judge for yourself.

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